Sunday, March 31, 2019

Brunch and this months favorites - colourpop ♡

Happy Sunday ♡ Today I made some eggs and peanut butter and banana toast for breakfast. I also found this cute sassy mug at target. It comes with a purple mug but that one has the eyes rolling instead of winking. I wasn't in the mood for that one today. ;)  

I wanted to share some of my favorites this month.  I got a few products from Colourpop's new spring collection. The packaging is my favorite they have come out with so far. The quality is pretty crazy good.  I'm loving everything so far!


Wearing Colourpop Blush in Soul Mate and Crème Lux Lipstick in Spring Roll

♡ Zoella x ColourPop- Pressed Powder Blush in Soul Mate

Description- Matte pinky blush
Cute packaging & perfect for your purse
Natural yet buildable 
Gives a natural glow 
Soft formula
Great pigment

No cons! But a small brush inside would of been a cute idea since it has such a nice mirror!  

♡ ColourPop- Crème Lux Lipstick in Spring Roll

Description- sweet warm pinky nude

Pretty packaging 
long wearing (unless you're eating something oily/greasy)

When I apply it it's a little patchy on the lips! This is something I've noticed with Colourpop's creme Lux Lipsticks.

♡ Colourpop- Jelly much shadow in Close to you  

Description- Baby pink with pink and violet glitter

Baby pink mixed with violet glitter= heaven 
Super sparkly
Beautiful color  
Doesn't crease
Stays on for a long time! 
Easy to apply


These pics don't show how pretty this is in person :( 

Colourpop- Super Shock Shadow in Haze

Description- pastel pink with blue violet duo chrome glittery finish 

Very sparkly and glittery! 
super soft 

Sheer and not as pigmented as other colors I've tried before. But the glittery effect makes up for it!

Thank you for reading! xoxo
 ♡ Lizz


Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Thoughts and inspo this week ♥ dark hair and pinky nude glitter nails!

This week I'm taking some time to focus on taking better care of my hair and skin. I've been wanting to change up my hair but I think I'm gonna just go with dying it darker.  I've been thinking about going back to the purple hair but then I remind myself how much work it took to maintain it. Maybe this summer? I'll have more free time but my roots grow back SO fast that I think I need to think about it a little bit more.

I love Katy Perry's hair here! I wish she would go back to her bangs and dark hair again. Although this might be a wig, she makes it look so cute!

My hair has some light brown spots on it and it's been bugging me so much! I've tried bleaching some parts in the past so it looks so uneven and patchy.
 Even though dying my hair fun colors seems tempting right now, my hair looks much healthier when its a dark color. So I'll have to dye it soon!  I love this look ♥♥♥

Besides, I've gone with this hair style/color for most of my life so I think I'll stick with what suits me best (lol) at least for now!

 I also tried these Press on nails in "Night Fever" they are so cute!!!!! 

I love this color scheme♡

This seashell hair brush was on forever 21 for 4 dollars! It actually brushes really nicely. 

 I've posted about this before but I'm really happy I found out about this thanks to @allison_perez on instagram.  I love her blog too!  
I've been using it on my face for the past few weeks and it's been helping the dry patches I have on my skin. The weather in California has been really weird. Sometimes its really cold out and now its getting hot so my skin is freaking out! So thank you for this super affordable and lovely find ♥

 Thank you for reading!

“Be happy with who you are and what you do, and you can do anything you want.” -Steve Maraboli

Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Powder Room ♥

Happy Sunday♥ Today I read on twitter that it's the 30th Anniversary of the movie Troop Beverly Hills! If you haven't seen it yet, please do! It's so cute and funny! The main character known as "Phyllis Nefler" played by Shelley Long is so good in it! Her outfits throughout the film are fun too. P.S. if you have a twitter mine is @lizz_libby 

I took some screen shots of her house in the movie. I love the way it's decorated and love her pink carpet and pink door! This is one of those movies (like pretty woman) where I can just have it on playing and just enjoy and get inspiration from the interior design

Last weekend I went out to the Velvet Margarita and the Powder Room in Hollywood.  They are literally right next to each other.  Both are fun and cute places to go to especially for a girls night out. Plus they both have pink bathrooms!!!

They have cute video clips playing and 90's music. When we were there, they played the Spice Girls, Britney Spears and Cher's Believe and many more fun songs.

                      Here's the pink bathroom!!!!

Omg and they have these photos framed in each bathroom stall

                          The photos for the Ladies and Gentlemen bathroom.

Me and my bff Michelle♥

yummy drinks!

The Velvet Margarita♥

I need to take more photos next time! The whole decor is very dark and gothic. The food and drinks are really good too.

Thank you for reading! ♥ Lizz

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Calling all kitty lovers!

Hello I wanted to share some cute stuff that I know my fellow cat lovers will love. These could also be some ideas if you have a friend or family member who loves cats too!  Everything will have a link to where I bought it from. Thank you for reading xoxo

Paul & Joe treatment lipstick 

This is probably the cutest lipstick I own now.  From what I've seen, Paul & Joe is a popular makeup brand in Japan. Lots of their products have such cute little cats on them.  Luckily, I found a few Paul & Joe makeup products on amazon. The product does make your lips super soft. However, its very delicate and small.  
 It even has a cute kitty head as the actual lip product!

Cat Pouch Wristlet 


Cat wallet 

Super cute wallet! Has lots of room for your cards and change.
 (The toilet paper lol)

(Wait... is this a cat she's holding???)

 Kitty Undies

I found these online on forever 21! They also come in pink but they were all sold out :( 

Katy Kat Matte Lipstick in "Magenta Minx"

A fun bold pink! Perfect color for spring with a cat eye look.

Ash Lash Lashes

I finally ordered lashes from the brand "Ash Lash" on instagram. The packaging is SO cute! I love when brands put in details to everything from the box it arrives in, to the card, and packaging. It makes it all much more special and fun to open. 

 I ordered the "Pussycat" Lashes. After wearing them out last night, I thought they were super comfy on my eyes and easy to apply.  They give the perfect cat eye look!

♡ Lizz