Saturday, June 22, 2019

Whipped Cream Primer ♡


 ♡ Whipped Cream Face Primer ♡

Hello! I wanted to share my love for this primer with you!

First off, I have to say that when I saw the packaging and name that's exactly what pulled me in. I'm sure Marie Antoinette would have this displayed on her vanity! Whipped cream primer? How dreamy!

   I love when brands put thought into packaging details, themes, and colors. Winky lux definitely does it for me! 

Why I love this product:

♡ The packaging feels expensive and lux! 
♡ Detail and thought put into the packaging/design are beautiful.
♡ Actually feels like whipped cream! Light and smooth.
♡ Feels so soft and blurs pores for a smooth canvas.
♡ A little goes a long way.
♡ Not very heavy but moisturizing so you don't have a completely matte look.

The inside of the box is so pretty, I cant throw it away! ♡

Thank you for reading!

♡ Lizz

 "the truest form of beauty is a kind heart"


Friday, May 31, 2019

Kitten Baby Blush & Candy K Lips ♡ Trying Kylie Cosmetics for the first time!



 Kitten Baby | Blush


This is such a cute apricot color.  It gives you a soft flush at first, and becomes a more intense look once you build it on your cheeks.



You're Perfect | Perfecting Powder


I really love this powder because it seems to be helping with my oily skin.  It gives a soft blur effect and is perfect for touching up. I hope she creates one with SPF in the future ♡


Kylie Mini Liquid Lipsticks

Shades: Candy K & Charm 


 ♡ Candy K is a warm pink nude. Such a perfect everyday color and super smooth. Side Note: Her formula is more on the watery side vs creamy. 

 ♡ Charm is a dusty pink rose. Not my favorite shade of pink on me but still very cute!

Coconut | Lip Liner

 ♡ Coconut is a warm nude rose. My favorite lip pencil right now! I use it before I put on any nude lipstick. 


Overall, I really like the packaging, selection, and quality of Kylie Cosmetics products! Very cute, simple but fun! 


Thank you for reading ♡




Sunday, April 21, 2019

Cindy Crawford and Honeymoon Lips♡

One of Cindy Crawford's signature looks is her muted nude/brown lips! I've been searching for a lipstick similar to this.  That iconic 90's supermodel brown lip.  That's when I came across this lipstick by NYX in the shade "Honeymoon". 

Honeymoon is a mauve-blush that gives off a delicate brown color on the lips. I thought it was a perfect pick to replicate Cindy's signature 90's brown lip ♡

I used the BH cosmetics pinky nude lip liner "Samantha" underneath to give it a more pinky tone.

 No Flash and Flash of Honeymoon♡

Here are my favorite Cindy Crawford magazine covers♡  

 Thank you for reading! xoxo Lizz ♡

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Frosted Lips and Shimmery Tips ♡

     I was shopping for a new nail polish the other day and found this one by Essie. It's the perfect frosty shimmery pink! It reminded me of the 80's and then those dreamy frosty makeup looks popped into my mind. 


 Remember the yummy smelling Bonne Bell frosted gloss and chapsticks? That's one of the things that I remember when I see these dreamy makeup looks too! The shimmering pink lipstick paired icy purple, blue and pink eye shadows are one of my favorite trends in makeup.  


We see a lot of these looks in the 80s'and 90's, but this look seemed to pop up throughout the decades.

                      From Mademoiselle, April 1966

I have a few frosty lipsticks that would be perfect to help create these looks!! Here are my top 3!

Lime Crime's "Mirage" (Mauve Frosty Pink)

 Nars "Cat Fight" Lipstick (Nude Frosty Mauve)

Colourpop's Gloss in "Double Agent" (prismatic lilac)

♡ Phoebe Cates

     I love Drew Barrymore's makeup here as well. I've been trying a few different products from her "Flower Beauty" line and I think it might be one of my favorite beauty brands so far.  Not to mention that it's created by ummm ♡ ♡ ♡ Drew Barrymore ♡ ♡ ♡

Thank you for reading!
xoxo Lizz

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Inspo and thoughts for the week ♡ Fluffy heels and Fishnets

Happy April! Inspo this week is fluffy heels and fishnets♡

I used to worry about not getting enough done or not accomplishing enough goals.  This would then lead to a mix of procrastination, doubt and worry. I'm learning to trust where I am and not doubt myself so much. Doubt is the worse. It's something I'm trying to overcome it's definitely something I struggle with a lot. Doubt and fear. I'm happy I'm letting those things go.

I'm starting to write down everything I want to accomplish for the day.  Once you cross out everything on your list, it feels so good! Even if its little things, like making the bed, getting the laundry done or cleaning out old makeup you never use.

I remembered this photo I had saved on my phone.  It was a picture of a note my professor wrote at the end of this big final essay we had to do.  After writing that essay, I felt so worried that I didn't do well or that my writing and what I was writing about would sound bad or dumb. When I saw what he wrote, I felt so happy. 
The things you say to others matter. Trusting yourself matters♡

And don't forget!