Sunday, September 23, 2018

B E B E *insert rhinestones*

Does anyone else miss the bebe stores at the mall? I do! I've always liked the style of clothing and the makeup on the models.  Speaking of makeup OMG look at this super cute set that my bff got me! I've never seen this before so I was so happy to get it! (Thanks michelle if you see this lol) 

The eye shadow palette is glittery at the top but once you use the top layer its a light shimmer.

omg bebe mascara! in slick silver packaging

(my grandma gave me this hat lol)


I remember seeing these ads on bus stops and billboards.
 Passing by the huge photo of the new "bebe girl" displayed at the mall. I've always loved the style of the photos and the whole vision of the brand.

 I regret not getting this baby pink BEBE backpack at Ross :( 

                       Thank you for reading! 

                                ♡ Lizz


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