Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Feathery soft lips

e.l.f Lip Exfoliator 
This really gets rid of all the dead skin and makes my lips feel so soft. 

      Lime Crime's Wisteria is such a pretty soft pinkish purple 

                      I'm loving these right now! 



  1. I need to try out that lip exfoliator! My lips are always kinda parched and flaky. Wisteria really is such a pretty pink color! And I love the photos of Sharon, you used! What an angel! Also, sidenote: you have really nice teeth! I hope that doesn't come off as creepy, lol! xo <3

  2. I randomly bought it one day and I was surprised at how well it worked! awwww thank you April! that's not creepy at all! I had braces in high school and I also used teeth whitening strips a few years back so that makes me happy that you think that lol!!xoxo!

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