Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 Omg!! yes, I found a pink lipstick named after Marcia Brady..and it's by one of my favorite makeup brands ♡Too Faced♡ 

   The packaging is so pretty!
Marcia has the best hair and style.
    Here are some swatches I took (on my inner arm)flash & no flash
                             It's a pretty pink/gold color with shimmer

  With a light application its pale pink with gold flakes of shimmer.  With a few more coats it was more of a frosty rosy pink.  I see why they named it after Marcia Brady it's fun, girly, and very 1970's.  I don't know if its the greatest color for my skin but I think on either very pale skin or dark/tan skin it would look great! but anyone can wear and look cute! This color is sold out on the Too Faced Cosmetics website BUT I found it on ebay for 10.00 and free shipping! Yay!! (it's 18 on their website) They have good reviews and I got mine really fast.  I'll be getting some more stuff by too faced cosmetics so hopefully I can do a few more reviews.  I wanna try "Sex Kitten" next! ahhhh so many cute stuff by them. Anyway, you can buy it here. Thanks for reading! <3  p.s. how cute is this blush! I need it!!



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