Sunday, October 13, 2013

♡ Dreamy Room Decoration Inspiration♡

    Making this post on pictures of rooms and houses that I'm inspired by! One day I hope to decorate my own house similar to the decor in these pictures.  I wasn't sure what the specific type of style it was that I loved so I made it up... It's like.. Vintage/Marie Antoinette style/Romantic/luxorious/victorian/french/retro60's. haha something like that! But first, I've finally got a cute antique looking vanity table in my room! I put a pink boa around it and now it looks perfect. I just need to find a cute heart shaped stool to go with it.

                                          Here are some of the photos that I am inspired by:

                 Must have a heart shaped tub and chandelier!!!


p.s. I also changed my twitter layout. Just thought it looked cute bye! <3


  1. I love these pictures! this is the way I imagine my bedroom in the future ~

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