Wednesday, August 28, 2013

♡hearts♡leopard print fur coats♡fishnets♡tea♡tiaras♡red lipstick♡Amanda Seyfried♡

some of my favorite things....and.. I LOVE this picture! everything is perfect....annddd she's holding a tiara!
(only Faux fur though!)

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dreaming of Linda lovelace..

"delete the people that make you feel bad about yourself from your life, unfollow them, delete their numbers, erase their texts, find happier people, pet a dog, watch a silly movie, forget about them, you’re better off"
 It's 4:30 am and I can't sleep... I regret drinking that energy drink so much! Anyway, tonight I saw this and I just felt like writing because there's nothing else to do. I've already spent an hour looking at screen caps/pictures of the movie "lovelace". I want to see that movie sooo bad...anyway, I really wish I can do all of that! Just delete people! It's not that easy though. I'm too nice I think... Feeling annoyed by people is such a waste of energy its just not worth it. I don't even care if what I get annoyed by may be stupid or small to someone else.. The fact that I feel that way makes me upset at myself because I think to myself.. Then why am I following or still their friends?? (this is not about one specific person its just about the way i feel)I understand that everyone changes and I may have changed too! But I've been too  nice to people that have been jerks in the past! Sometimes relationships and friendships don't work out and it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Or one might feel differently about the person that they have become. I'm fine and happy with who I have in my life even If i don't have a huge group of friends! I probably can go on for hours about this but I feel better letting that out now! If anyone read this I'm sorry for probably not making any sense.. 
 P.s. (if u talk to me in "real life"lol please don't ask me about this! I just wanna write my feelings)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

♡ pink flowers and pina coladas ♡

  This weekend was fun! I hung out with one of my best friends Tiffany!  It was also really hot though.  I hate summer and I hate hot weather so much. I want to move somewhere where it rains a lot..  I'm always happy when it rains!  <---link)Someday I will hopefully. I was so happy, she brought me flowers and a big pina colada bottle! We put it in some fancy glasses with whip cream and cherries! She knows me so well :) I love hanging out with her and I miss her already.

pretty Tiffy 
My cat actually liked her! Usually she runs away when she sees someone she doesn't know! or maybe it was just because she had food..... 
Cutest outfit and hat!

what a princess kitty
  ♡ Lizz

p.s. I made ask fm just incase any of you have one or want to know more about me! 


Sunday, August 11, 2013

♡There's no place like home♡

 There really isn't...I'm going to dedicate this post to one of my favorite films.. The Wizard Of Oz! I'm so excited that its going to be in theaters September 20th!(my bday month!) But for one week only.  I recently got this cute dress from forever 21. It reminded me so much of Dorothy's Dress.  I just need to get some cute red glittery flats to go with it! 

This filter made my hair look redish.. I guess because my hair is a reddish brown. I want a more brown tone to it so I'm thinking of trying a new hair dye! Some pics of me and my kitty! She looks so upset here lol I was just trying to take some pics! She is sooooo sassy!!!!!It's cute and funny though.

                                          I really want some red glitter slippers!!!!!

Here is a pic of me when I was a litttttle girl! Dressed up as Dorothy and my dog as toto! :) And a wizard of oz shirt too. I found another one a few days ago for 5 dollars on ebay! yay! I also have a super cute snow globe with Dorothy inside of it and it place the theme song. Another is a cute Tarina Tarantino tote bag!
                            Now I need to do laundry and clean!!! opps (while drinking a shirley temple)
                                                                       ♡ Lizz

Friday, August 9, 2013

♡ R.I.P E L E C T R A ♡

  I haven't written a post in a while....  During these past few weeks I've been so sleepy and lazy! I think it's because I had to start waking up/sleeping earlier instead of going to bed at 4 in the morning and waking up at 11...   I am one of those people that needs LOTS of sleep or else I am just grumpy and moody :(.   I have to say though, I do feel much happier because of a lot of different reasons... This weekend I want to try to blog more and watch ♡ movies! ♡  Anyway, I'm sad that it's the end of the electra heart era. I don't want it to be over!!!!!!! Everything about it was perfect.  I hope Marina comes out with new music soon or at least more t-shirt designs! I was disappointed that "Valley of the dolls" didn't have a video to it.  But, it was still on of the best albums ever. 

R.I.P Electra Heart
                                          R.I.P Sharon Tate murdered August 9, 1969


     p.s.  some pics of things I've created !