Thursday, July 25, 2013

♡Fifi Chachnil and Black cherry icecream♡

 Hi! Today I got this cute pink floral  top that reminded me so much of the one Sharon Tate is wearing in this picture below♡ I also got these cute heart shaped sunglasses for five dollars!

Lately I've been watching videos on youtube until 3am! I really need to try to sleep earlier but it's hard.   Especially when I've just discovered a few months ago this super cute designer/boutique in Paris.

                                                                ♡Fifi Chachnil♡

I would really love to go to Paris one day and see it! Everything is so cute and perfect!

And I think I just discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor ! Black Cherry Ice cream..sooo good!

P.S. here is a cute video. I love what she's wearing so much!!!!!!

 And a fashion show! Everything is seriously perfect. All the outfits the whole style!


  1. Your top is practically an exact of Shaz's! So lovely! And oh, my! I have never heard of fifi Chachnil till now! I sense a new obsession! And black cherry ice cream is so yummy! One of my favorite flavors to get at Thrifty's!

  2. Oh my god your blog is adorable, you have such great taste!! I'm looking forward to more of your posts! xx